Beating “Old Man Winter”

Beating “Old Man Winter”

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What can the average homeowner do to put the Beatdown on “Old Man Winter”? Many things; so grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage, let’s explore some simple items you can handle this fall before the snow flies, and cold winds begin to blow.

  1. Start simple – look and feel for gaps around doors, windows, and siding that may be letting air infiltrate your home. Use silicon caulking to fill those gaps and block out those unwanted breezes (these also cost your AC budget to spike in the summer).
  2. Next, look at your doors – do they need new weatherstripping or a door sweep? Many home improvement stores and local lumberyards have a wealth of experience with their staff that can recommend certain products to fit your needs. Be sure to check your garage door as well, the seal on the bottom of the door is often worn out on older doors, so this would be a great time to replace it!
  3. Windows – Do you have older glass pane-type windows? If so, check to see if they need to be re-glazed. Storm windows, if your home has them should also be checked for proper functionality and leakage. If you have newer double pain windows, make sure the seals between the windows are good; this would be a great time to clean them to ensure a proper seal.
  4. Attic – Do you need a little more insulation? Measure your current thickness of insulation, and check with your local lumberyard or Home improvement store for rental of insulation machines, some include them with a purchase of a certain number of bags. Rolled insulation is another option, check your R value with the manufacturer for your desired result.

If any of these tasks are beyond the scope of your skill set, research a handyman in your area. Ask neighbors, co-workers, and friends who they would recommend for these services.

Following a few basic steps above, you can expect a reduction in your heating bill this winter, as well as enjoying lower cooling costs next summer.

ACR of Sedalia Inc is your local Bryant Heating and Cooling expert; call us today to get your system ready for the riggers of winter.

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